What is an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for Filmmakers


By Assemble

January 24, 2023

An electronic press kit (or EPK) is a high-quality online portfolio created by filmmakers to provide press outlets, industry professionals, and fans with a comprehensive look at their work. It is a vital tool for promoting any film project and helps increase exposure by presenting viewers with an overview of the project, contact information, and notable press coverage.

The goal is to create an eye-catching press kit that’s easy to navigate so that when media outlets or fans view the EPK, they can access the necessary information without being overwhelmed by an excess of visuals. With an effective, well-organized EPK, any filmmaker can increase their chances of gaining exposure for their project. In this article, we’ll explain why you should create an EPK, and outline the steps. 

What is an EPK?

An EPK is a promotional tool for filmmakers, which includes the filmmaker’s contact information, press coverage, promotional photos, and other promotional materials. EPKs function as the industry-standard way to represent a filmmaker’s project to the outside world. Finding the right visual elements for an EPK is very important — it should be unique and memorable. Storyboard images from pre-production and on-set photographs are great inclusions. 

In addition to captivating visuals, a press kit should also be informative. A good press kit explains what the film is about, outlines the main characters, introduces the actors, and provides interviews with the cast and crew. This press kit for Triangle of Sadness is a great example: it provides a wide selection of images and includes interviews with the director and two of the actors. 

A press kit is the first place a journalist will look for contact information. It’s like a business card, so you must include contact information to make it easier for media outlets to find you. Also, if the film is being distributed internationally, don’t forget to include contact information for international contacts. 

While the text typically comes in PDF format, larger files such as images and videos will often be combined in a zipped folder. Other times, there may be a link to download all the materials from a cloud storage platform. Most importantly, an EPK should be easy to find on the website and just as easy to download. 

Why do you need an EPK?

When creating a successful film career, one of the most important parts is creating an effective press kit. An EPK allows filmmakers to make their work more widely known and accessible to industry professionals, media outlets, and anyone else interested in the project. In addition, it is a great medium for presenting a film, allowing a production to showcase the project in one convenient place. 

Having a press kit makes it easier for potential patrons, distribution partners, and media outlets to quickly find out who the filmmaker is and what their film is about. Additionally, a well-made press kit sets the film apart from the competition. 

Creating an EPK can help filmmakers easily convey their credentials and promote their work. By ensuring that all the necessary materials related to a film project are included in the EPK, filmmakers can reach a wider audience and get the recognition they deserve.

What should you include in an EPK?

With the rapid growth of the creative industries, an EPK (electronic press kit) has become a tool that filmmakers, artists, and other industry professionals cannot do without. An EPK is an eye-catching, digital packet that includes the most relevant information about a given project or individual within the entertainment industry. 

A successful EPK should first provide contact information. It should also feature your press coverage and reviews, any awards the project or individual has received, the film’s trailer, and promotional photos. Also, don’t forget to include in-depth information regarding press releases, pitch sheets, bios, and social media accounts. 

An effective EPK is more than an electronic version of a physical press kit; it should be full of relevant information and visuals that create an eye-catching and informative snapshot of your project or career.

How to create an EPK

Creating an EPK can be daunting, especially if you’re not used to working with promotional materials. But with some guidance, you can get a professional-looking EPK in no time. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating an EPK that will get the attention of industry professionals. 

  1. You’ll need to select a high-quality EPK template to accommodate the relevant information you wish to include. 

  2. Before you get to the visuals, you should add a few short paragraphs describing the film. The short synopsis should be enticing enough for media outlets to grab onto. Other bits of text could include interviews with the director or actors, a breakdown of the film score, or anecdotes about the filming process. 

  3. In addition to stills from the film, you’ll also want to include behind-the-scenes images, storyboard images, and possibly headshots of the most prominent cast members. 

  4. Though not necessary, including trailers and movie clips is a great idea, especially if you already have them on hand.

  5. Don’t forget to provide contact information for the people handling press inquiries. If you’re on a smaller production and there’s only one person dealing with the press, include several methods of contact such as email, phone number, and even social media handles. 

  6. EPKs are often found on the production company’s website, and they are easy to find. However, your EPK and all its contents can be uploaded to cloud storage platforms like Assemble, or they can even be emailed directly to media outlets and industry professionals. 

By spending time creating an EPK, you can effectively manage your film and appeal to industry professionals. An EPK that looks professional, accurate, and follows the industry standard format can go a long way toward getting your project recognized. 


When promoting your film, having an EPK is an essential tool for getting the attention of industry professionals. An EPK isn’t just an effective way to get the word out; it also serves as an organized method of storing documents, media, and other files on one platform. 

Depending on the type of EPK you are creating, you can use various methods to get your EPK to the right people, including email, cloud storage, and other platforms. Remember to keep your EPK updated with the latest information, press releases, social media feeds, and special content that appeals to your target industry. 

Overall, having an EPK is a great way for filmmakers to better promote and package their films to industry professionals and press outlets. With the help of an EPK, filmmakers can stand out from the crowd and take the first step in establishing a successful career in the film industry.

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