New in Assemble: Project Templates


By Assemble

November 16, 2021

We're excited to announce the launch of project templates, enabling you to save entire projects - including your calendar, task lists, folder structure and teams - as re-usable templates. With project templates, you'll be able to kickoff projects in seconds rather than days.

Create Project Templates

Create project templates in Assemble

At any moment in time, you can take a snapshot of your project and save it as a project template. When saving a template, you have the option to include:

  • Calendar & Tasks

  • Folder Structure

  • Teams & User Permissions

Launch New Projects in SecondsAdd templates to your template libraryKicking off a new project? Open your template library and select from one of your pre-made templates. You'll be able to build an entire project - including your calendar, task list, folder structure and teams - in seconds.

Calendars in a Click Build calendars in seconds using a templateSet the start date of your project, and your calendar will be auto-built from this date. Every single task and subtask will be populated based on your start date, and then you can edit the calendar as needed inside your new project.

Community TemplatesFind new templates in our community template libraryWith the release of project templates, we've also launched our Community Template Library. We'll be adding dozens of pre-built templates, including templates from our partners and industry thought leaders. All Assemble users will be able to access this ever growing wealth of knowledge and use these templates to learn and improve your processes.

We can't wait to see what you create with these new features.


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