New in Assemble: Download Files, Subfolders & Improved Uploads


By Assemble

August 31, 2021

This month we upgraded Assemble from a feedback and review platform, to a professional file transfer and delivery system. Watch the video below to learn about all of the latest updates.

Download Files

All files, including assets, galleries and submissions, can now be downloaded directly from the file viewer. Just click the download button in the top right corner of the file viewer.

The new download feature in Assemble.

Additionally, you can set download permissions on a file by file level, choosing which assets can be downloaded and which can not.

Setting download permissions for files within Assemble.

When sending final deliveries of assets, you now also have an option to enable downloads and choose whether files from a review link can be downloaded.

Final deliveries within Assemble.

Finally, we've also added the ability to upload and download ZIP files, which means you can send and receive any file type via Assemble by using a ZIP package.


You can now add subfolders within your phases to further organize your assets in any way needed.

Subfolders within Assemble.

Each subfolder can have its own viewing permissions, just like Phases, to enable you to control who has access to which files in your project.

Improved Uploads

We went under the hood and gave our upload major technical upgrades that have vastly improved speed and performance of uploads. You can now easily upload multi-gigabyte files from anywhere in the world and have the confidence they will be added to your project with top notch speed and performance.

These upgrades will give you and your team the ability to share work-in-progress assets, organize your files, and deliver final assets for downloads, giving you a world-class asset management experience. As always, keep an eye out for many more exciting updates rolling out next month.

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